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Although technology has advanced considerably since the early days of Primary Designs and innovation continues to develop, it is still down to the skill of the individual engineers to precisely form and fabricate the complex designs of today’s sophisticated race car exhaust systems.

Our highly skilled engineers have extensive knowledge of the Mototorsports industry and in producing exceptionally lightweight Inconel race-winning       Formula 1 and top level motorsport exhaust systems.



We are passionate about working to a standard that has been accepted as the highest possible quality and level of service available by many top level racing car manufacturers and F1 customers past and present. 

Precision fabrication, attention to detail and dedication to producing high quality products are key factors in the reliability of high-performance race exhausts.

With many exhaust designs taking over 100 man-hours to produce, only the most skilled and passionate of engineers ever reach the levels of expertise, consistency and concentration it takes to produce race-winning exhausts to the standard that is expected of Primary Designs.

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