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We have considerable knowledge and expertise within the exhaust design and manufacturing industry, working to customer designs or offering our services at the pre-design stage to provide the best exhaust solution.

Our expertise in forming, welding and fabrication of specialist exotic alloys makes us the ideal partner to design and build high-performance racing exhausts for an extensive range of applications.

Our expertise includes:
  • A wide range of experience in motorsports such as Formula 1, Formula 3, Le Mans, DTM and WRC
  • Lightweight exhausts using heat resistant materials for Supercars, Hypercars and Superbikes
  • Inconel® turbo-exhaust manifolds and anti-lag systems (ALS)
  • Exhaust noise-reduction solutions
  • Dyno-exhausts for race engine manufacturers
  • Prototype exhausts for a range of applications

Inconel WRC Subaru S9 manifoldInconel WRC Subaru S9 manifold   Precision Stainless steel TIG weldingPrecision Stainless steel TIG welding   Inconel 625 Turbo manifold with Tial 44mm wastegate and turbo downpipeInconel 625 Turbo manifold with Tial 44mm wastegate and turbo downpipe

  • Extensive knowledge and experience of super alloys such as Inconel®, titanium and stainless steel
  • Lighter weight
  • Durability
  • Improved gas flow, BHP and torque
  • Easier installation
  • Superior exhaust note

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