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Our jig and tooling designers have all initially trained as skilled exhaust fabricators so have extensive knowledge of all manufacturing requirements of jigs and fixtures. This knowledge results in jig designs that can easily be worked with by the exhaust-manufacturing technicians which will in turn, save time in manufacture and guarantee consistent quality in the production of exhaust parts.

All manufacturing jigs and tooling are designed in-house on 3D CAD either from customer CAD-designed models or from our own models that are designed in-house.

CAD models and drawings of jigs and tooling are then used by our partner machining companies, where they are manufactured to exacting tolerances and extremely high quality using the best jigging and tooling materials available.

3D CAD model of exhaust in manufacturing jig3D CAD model of exhaust in manufacturing jig   Measuring jig component with FARO measuring armMeasuring jig component with FARO measuring arm   Precision 4 cylinder exhaust assembly jigPrecision 4 cylinder exhaust assembly jig

We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality and robust jigs and fixtures, capable of producing exhaust components with a consistent high degree of accuracy and repeatability.

This ensures that when the exhaust system is delivered to our clients, they have the re-assurance that they will receive a highly accurate exhaust system that is easy to install.

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