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Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI) is one of the oldest and most widely used methods for the detection of surface discontinuities in nonporous solid materials. The penetrant method is now the most important method for the detection of surface defects and discontinuities.

Penetrant testing will help you find defects that are open towards the surface, like cracks and surface breaking flaws. The method is suitable for all non-porous materials such as Inconel,stainless steels,steel, aluminium, copper, plastics, ceramics and castings.

We can offer this service as part of the exhaust production and quality process if specified by the customer .alternatively we can offer a
sub- contract crack detection service on your own parts,we can use Magnaflux non destructive on any race parts from exhaust sysstems to race engine components.

Please feel free to discuss this with our sales team or use our contact page to e-mail us. 


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