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Zircotec’s performance coatings are used throughout motorsport from Formula One (F1), NASCAR and World Rally Championships (WRC) across a broad range of professional and enthusiast racing through to national and club level motorsport. Their involvement with motorsport started with F1 and Le Mans, and they have been a trusted supplier to teams in both of these series for more than a decade.

Hauck Heat Treatment

 Hauck Heat Treatment Ltd (formerly TTI Group) provides a range of Surface Treatment and Heat Treatment services to the UK engineering industry. Hauck HT is part of the Materials Technology Division of Aalberts Industries NV.


Sandwell surface engineering processes are designed to improve performance of components by enhancing material properties to increase fatigue life, increase fatigue strength, reduce friction and reduce effects of corrosive environments. Controlled shot-peening produces a static compressive strength in the surface and sub-surface of the material which remains with the part during service.

DSPS Engineering

DSPS are manufacturers of high quality Motorsports Wastegates and turbo control hardware.

HJS Emission Technology

HJS has many years of experience and expertise in the field of exhaust-gas after treatment. For 20 years,they have been engaged in the development, production and marketing of HJS catalysts and exhaust systems for the motorsport industry.


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