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Primary Designs engineers are among some of the elite few who can TIG weld thin-walled stainless steel and super alloys including nickel alloys, such as Inconel® 625, Haynes 718 and titanium alloys.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our weld preparation and welding techniques,carried out by our highly-skilled TIG welder/exhaust fabricators who have had many years of experience welding high-performance materials.

Using the latest technology, concentrated arc-low heat input from Miller and Fronius TIG welding equipment and a unique inert shielding gas mix, our engineers produce the highest quality,consistent and precise welding in the industry.

Precision TIG welding stainless steel turbo manifoldPrecision TIG welding stainless steel turbo manifold   TIG welding silencer internal componentsTIG welding silencer internal components   TIG welding Anti lag pipes on turbo manifoldTIG welding Anti lag pipes on turbo manifold

Precise fabrication and welding skills allows for the finest of welds to be produced, with all welds being back-purged with 99.98% pure Argon gas minimising the use of filler wire, thus further reducing weight. A technique especially used with ultra-lightweight F1 systems.

We can also weld titanium alloys in our Oxygen-Free welding chamber allowing us to produce perfect oxidation-free welds for strength and durability.

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