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With many years of producing complex forms and shapes that are often incorporated into today’s highly sophisticated high-revving race engine exhaust designs, we are considered as masters in the state-of-the-art process of press-forming for exhaust manufacturing. This process allows us to offer a great deal of flexibility to our customers who require a fast and relatively low cost solution to developing exhausts within short lead times.

A controlled multi-stage hydraulic press-forming process gives a more consistent wall thickness than many other forming processes, which is critical in the manufacturing of lightweight thin-walled exhaust components made from exotic materials such as Inconel® 625, Haynes 718 and titanium in material thicknesses from 0.50mm to 2.00mm.

Tooling set up for pressing conical bendTooling set up for pressing conical bend   Setting up male/female press toolingSetting up male/female press tooling   100% Inspection of pressed component100% Inspection of pressed component

These component parts have been tested extensively and have survived the extreme environment of many areas of Motorsport including Formula1, LeMans and Supercar exhausts.

Costs are a fraction of that of Hydro-forming tooling and the lead-time can often be a matter of days, not weeks.

Our own choice of special tooling material is stocked by Primary Designs to further the reduction in lead-time and we have several reliable local CNC machining companies that are experts in producing high-quality press-form tooling to our requirements and tolerances.

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