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To maintain and strengthen our position as possibly the most successful exhaust supplier to Formula 1 (F1) and other high-end motor-racing formulae, our policy of continued investment in technology has never been as apparent as since the end of 2011 when we moved to larger modern premises.

Continual investment in our new purpose-built 6000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility, new apprenticeships and employee training, recruiting skilled engineers and designers, new modern equipment or investment in quality systems and personnel enables us to achieve the highest specification, whilst permitting flexibility to handle both prototype and volume production runs.

  Exhaust fabrication

Although technology has advanced considerably since the early days of Primary Designs and innovation continues to develop, it is still down to the skill of the individual engineers to precisely form and fabricate the complex designs of today’s sophisticated exhaust technology (read more).
  Precision TIG welding

Primary Designs engineers are among some of the elite few who can TIG weld thin-walled stainless steel and super alloys including nickel alloys, such as Inconel®, Haynes 718 and titanium alloys (read more).
  Tube manufacturing

Primary Designs tube department can manufacture tubing to an almost infinite range of sizes from 38mm diameter to 83mm diameter (read more).
  Tube bending

We have one of the most comprehensive ranges of tube-bender tooling in the motorsport exhaust industry,with tube sizes from 19.05mm diameter to 82.55mm diameter with a large range of sizes falling in between these parameters.(read more).
  Press-forming of exhaust components

With many years of producing complex forms and shapes that are often incorporated into today’s highly sophisticated high-revving race engine exhaust designs, we are considered as masters in the state-of-the-art process of press-forming for exhaust manufacturing.(read more).
  Controlled shot-peening

Shot-peening is a controlled process used to increase the fatigue life of components and fabricated parts such as Racing car exhausts.

Whilst we have in-house shot-peening and are capable of low-volume and service requirements, we have a long-term relationship with Sandwell for all major shot-peening requirements. (read more).
  NDT crack detection

Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI) is one of the oldest and most widely used methods for the detection of surface discontinuities in nonporous solid materials. The penetrant method is now the most important method for the detection of surface defects and discontinuities.

Penetrant testing will help you find defects that are open towards the surface, like cracks and surface breaking flaws. The method is suitable for all non-porous materials such as Inconel,stainless steels,steel, aluminium, copper, plastics, ceramics and castings (read more).

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