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Primary Designs tube department can manufacture tubing to an almost infinite range of sizes from 38mm diameter to 150mm diameter in material thickness 0.38mm to 1.63mm up to 400mm long, in nickel alloys such as Inconel® 625,Haynes 718,stainless steel 321 and titanium.

Precision forming Inconel tube Precision forming Inconel tube   Precision Seam welding tube on Elena seam welderPrecision Seam welding tube on Elena seam welder   Attention to detailAttention to detail

Our in-house tube manufacturing processes are to the highest standard where tight tolerances are extremely important, which is essential when bending thin wall Inconel® tube.

Each tube is carefully precision formed and then welded on either of our two German-manufactured Schnelldorfer Elena II semi-automatic precision seam welding machines by fully trained tube welding specialists.

Our tube goes through a 100% inspection process to identify any imperfections before bending. 

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