Exhaust System Fabrication for Motorsports

Although technology has advanced considerably since the early days of Primary Designs and innovation continues to develop, it is still down to the skill of the individual engineers to accurately hand fabricate and weld the complex designs of today’s race car exhaust systems.



Due to Inconel and Titanium being widely available in sheet form and its very limited sizes available in tube, most of our exhaust components start life as sheet metal. This allows us to fabricate an almost infinite variety of complex exhaust designs and components.

Our continuing investments in new and innovative machinery over the years has enabled us to carry out and perfect a wide range of fabricating techniques such as:

  • Cutting
  • Grinding
  • Folding and Bending
  • Rolling
  • Expanding
  • Shaping
  • Press Forming
  • Water jet and Laser cutting (Partner Supplied)

Combining these techniques with our experience and skill, our exhausts are hand fitted together in their manufacturing jigs, which as it currently stands, is still the only truly accurate way to manufacture such complex exhausts.

Press Forming

With components that are too complex to form simply by hand, press forming is the perfect option. This process allows us to form an almost infinite variation of shapes and transitions allowing us to offer a great deal of flexibility to our customers who require a fast and relatively low-cost solution to developing exhausts within short lead times.

A controlled multi-stage hydraulic press-forming process gives a more consistent wall thickness than many other forming processes, which is critical in the manufacturing of lightweight thin walled exhausts components used in modern day motorsports.

Tooling costs are a fraction of the alternative Hydro-forming and lead times can be a matter of days instead of weeks.

Our own choice of specialist tooling material is stocked in house to further the reduce the lead-time and tooling is CNC machined and case hardened by some of our trusted partners for quick turnaround.


Honing all these techniques over the last 22 years has allowed us to create and perfect a large array of exhaust components including but not limited to:

  • Turbo manifolds and downpipes
  • V-engine manifolds
  • Exhaust silencers
  • Mounting brackets
  • Collectors
  • Flanges
  • Transitions

We can also supply and incorporate into our exhaust components, other parts supplied from our high-quality suppliers such as:

  • High performance catalytic converters
  • Bellows
  • 3D printed/DLMS parts
  • Noise control valves

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